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(Biography) Hastings Kamuzu (kæˈmuːzuː). 1906–97, Malawi statesman. As first prime minister of Nyasaland (from 1963), he led his country to independence (1964) as Malawi: president (1966–94)


(ˈbɑn də)
a style of Mexican dance music featuring brass instruments and having a heavy beat.
[1990–95; < Mexican Spanish: literally, band]
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I am writing as if I had been among the inhabitants of central Africa: Banda Oriental would not be flattered by the comparison; but such were my feelings at the time.
The general, and almost entire absence of trees in Banda Oriental is remarkable.
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance of 132KV S/S Banda and associated work Under ETD Banda
Brooklyn-based Mexican brass band Banda de los Muertos presents their eponymous debut album, celebrating Spanish language, Mexican culture, and the hard work of immigrants who toil day in, day out for a fresh start on life.
NOWSHERA -- Action was taken against the newly elected village councilor of Zando Banda for his unlawful use of power, on Thursday.
Brian Banda, aged 41, appeared at Coventry Magistrates Court on Monday where he was due to enter a plea to a charge of grievous bodily harm.
ABBOTTABAD -- All arrangements have been completed for re-polling in Village Councils number II Banda Pir Khan on Thursday.
Brian Banda, 40, is alleged to have committed grievous bodily harm by having unprotected sex with his partner over a three-year period.
The residents told on Monday that dozens of speed breakers had been constructed on the five kilometer Amankot-Mohib Banda road, which falls in the constituency PK-13 of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak Minister, creating numerous problems for motorists and people of the area.
Banda also doubled up at the Division 5 state meet, placing third in the mile and 2 mile, before finishing 10th in the 2 mile at All-States.
In Indonesia, where almost 170,000 people died, the city of Banda Aceh shows what has been achieved.
Last year Madonna was slammed by president Joyce Banda as arrogant.