Banda Sea

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Ban·da Sea

 (băn′də, bän′-)
An arm of the Pacific Ocean in eastern Indonesia southeast of Sulawesi and north of Timor. It includes the Banda Islands, a group of volcanic islands in the Moluccas south of Seram.

Banda Sea

(Placename) a part of the Pacific in Indonesia, between Sulawesi and New Guinea

Ban′da Sea′

(ˈbɑn də, ˈbæn-)
a sea between Sulawesi (Celebes) and New Guinea, S of the Moluccas and N of Timor.
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Foreign Minister Taro is also a little nostalgic, while living in Indonesia himself happy to visit the Sulu Sea and Banda Sea which is a breeding zone of 60 percent baby tuna in the world.
In West Banda Sea the skipjack tuna caught using fishing gear: pole and line, purse seine and hand line.
The epicenter was located 145 kilometers under the Banda Sea.
The quake struck at 7:36 am local time (2236 GMT Monday), 318 kilometres (197 miles) east-northeast of the Timor Leste capital Dili in the Banda Sea at a depth of 18 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said.
Los adelantos tecnologicos han permitido que esta banda sea muy importante.
Jakarta, Dec 5(ANI): Two moderate earthquakes hit West Irian Region and Banda Sea in Indonesia on December 5.
0 occurred in the Banda Sea of eastern Indonesia late Saturday, but no destructive tsunami was generated and there were no initial reports of casualties or damage.
On the island in the Banda Sea, 67 houses were reportedly swept away when the tsunami swamped six villages on the coast.
7 on the Richter scale, struck deep beneath the Banda Sea - 120 miles south of Ambon city in the Maluku Islands.
7-rated tremor was off the eastern coast in the Banda Sea.
Decline in tuna fish production has been recorded in the Indian sea, Makassar strait, Timor Sea and Banda Sea.