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A city of Indonesia in western Java southeast of Jakarta. Founded by the Dutch in 1810, it is an industrial and cultural center and a resort.


(Placename) a city in Indonesia, in SW Java. Pop: 2 136 260 (2000)


(ˈbɑn duŋ, -dʊŋ, ˈbæn-)

a city in W Java, in Indonesia. 2,058,649. Dutch, Bandoeng.
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Noun1.Bandung - a city in Indonesia; located on western Java (southeast of Jakarta); a resort known for its climate
Java - an island in Indonesia to the south of Borneo; one of the world's most densely populated regions
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The viral video was shot Sunday at Bandung Zoo, about 90 miles southeast of the capital, Jakarta.
1 at the river's upstream area in Cisanti Lake of Bandung district and was marked by President Joko Widodo planting a tree at the lake on Feb.
West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan held a courtesy call with Shizouka Prefecture Vice Governor Takashi Namba at Pakuan State Building, Bandung, on Monday (1/15).
Potensi diverse stands and fauna in Forest Research Cikole, Bandung began to be organized into a science and technology ecotourism area.
Summary: Bandung [Indonesia], Feb 19 (ANI): A special task force of the Indian Army and the Indonesian Army on Monday began sixth Garuda Shakti exercise here.
The first Afro-Asian Conference known as the Bandung Conference was a meeting of mostly newly independent Asian and African states, which took place on April 18-24, 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia.
Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung, Indeonsia - Courtesy of Hany Muhammed CAIRO --20 January 2018: Where the smell of sulfur is everywhere, Kawah Putih Lake -- Indonesian for White Crater -- is definitely a place to visit while in Indonesia.
And lastly, not forgetting to insert the aim of creating a Bandung Creative City ready to compete, collaborate and elaborate at the global level.
The members of Siliwangi Bandung, one of a dozen teams in the Indonesian Basketball league, were given the boot this week for throwing at least four games last season.
This book works to reframe our understanding of the postcolonial Afro-Asian solidarity that emerged from the 1955 Bandung conference.
The team bested other students from Southeast Asia in the competition held in Bandung, Indonesia, from January 9 to 17.