Banff National Park

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Banff′ Na′tional Park′

a national reserve, 2585 sq. mi. (6695 sq. km), in the Rocky Mountains, in SW Alberta, Canada.
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As Canada's first national park and part of the UNESCO Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site, Banff National Park is home to a great variety of distinctive cultural and historical attractions.
The TA soldiers are based in the Banff National Park and during their expedition will visit the Columbia icefields, which contain the world's largest landlocked glacier.
Despite a heavy head, I was ready for rock climbing next morning, with my instructor, a local man named Jason from Yamnuska Mountain Adventures, taking me on a beginners' course on a section of Rundell Rock inside the boundary of Banff National Park.
The company has released a guide on Planning a Wedding Abroad along with a list of Top 10 wedding destinations, which includes exotic and romantic locales as wedding venues, such as Banff National Park in Canada; Caribbean island of St Lucia; vineyards in Tuscany; New York City; and palaces in Jaipur, India.
Helm, an author and medical doctor, and Murtha, a planner at Banff National Park, provide an introduction discussing Fay's route and contributions, including detailed natural history accounts and the naming of Mt.
The package also includes several sightseeing tours in Banff National Park such as a Glacier Helicopter tour, Summit Helicopter Flightseeing as well as a Columbia Icefield Excursion.
It is of me and Seb at Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada.
Trapped and collared with a satellite transmitter just outside Canada's Banff National Park in summer 1991, the young female set off on a search for new territory and a mate, spanning two provinces, two states, two countries, and dozens of protected areas in the process, and covering an area equivalent to 15 Yellowstone National Parks (about 40,000 square miles).
Lying in the midst of Banff National Park, the city of Banff, Alberta, is one of North America's capitals of spring skiing.
Banff Mineral Springs Hospital and EMS services an area which includes Banff National Park and surrounding areas outside the Park for a total area of nearly 5,000 square miles.
Banff National Park is a World Heritage site covering more than 6,600sq km of Rocky Mountain territory.
Your hosts are ready to welcome you on board and GoldLeaf passengers can |enjoy an unrivalled view of the natural wonders of Banff National Park, Alberta