Banja Luka

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Ban·ja Lu·ka

 (bän′yə lo͞o′kə)
A city of north-central Bosnia and Herzegovina northwest of Sarajevo. Ruled at various times by Turkey and Austria, Banja Luka became part of Yugoslavia after World War I.

Banja Luka

(Bosnian ˈbaːnjaː ˌluːka)
(Placename) a city in NW Bosnia-Herzegovina, on the Vrbas River: scene of battles between the Austrians and Turks in 1527, 1688, and 1737; besieged by Serb forces (1992–95). Pop: 182 000 (2005 est)

Ba•nja Lu•ka

(ˈbɑ nyə ˈlu kə)
a city in N Bosnia and Herzegovina. 183,618.
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The Israelis have little to fear from a Banja Luka side which are desperately short of genuine quality in the final third.
EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fulle is planning to chair the first meeting of the body in Banja Luka, Ashton said.
Davutoglu will have talks in Banja Luka and Mostar, meeting with members of Bosnia-Herzegovina's Presidential Council and prominent leaders and decision-makers over issues such as a constitutional reform and efforts to form a government as well as Turkey's possible contributions to the country.
17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Republika Srpska's Prime Minister Milorad Dodik and a South Korean delegation met in Banja Luka in the first week of August to discuss the modernizing of hospitals in RS.
The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visitedWelsh troops based in Banja Luka in Bosnia, on the day of Wales' patron saint.
Not in Cell Block Number Nine - but in downtown Banja Luka.
Mr Lane arrived in Banja Luka as part of an initiative run by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.
The 600 men of 1st Battalion The Highlanders are swapping ceremonial duties in Edinburgh for armed patrols on the streets of Banja Luka in Bosnia.
The cathedral's international department has hosted meetings this week between religious, political, cultural and business leaders from the city of Banja Luka in the Srpska Republic, part of Bosnia.
Prime Minister Blair was at the Croatia summit yesterday - and took time out to meet British troops on peacekeeping duties near Banja Luka in Bosnia.
Speaking in Banja Luka, where he met local pro-Western, reformist leaders, Mr Trajkovic said that a "Serb Protection Corps" would help achieve the goal of a multi-ethnic Kosovo.
He describes the demolition by the Serbs of the 400-year-old Ferhad-Pasha Mosque in the "cleansed" city of Banja Luka.