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also Ban·djar·ma·sin  (băn′jər-mä′sĭn, bän′-)
A city of Indonesia on a delta island of southern Borneo. An important deep-water port, Banjarmasin was part of a Hindu kingdom in the 14th century and passed to Muslim rulers in the 15th century.


(ˌbændʒəˈmɑːsɪn) or


(Placename) a port in Indonesia, in SW Borneo. Pop: 527 415 (2000). Former spelling: Bandjarmasin or Bandjermasin


or Ban•djar•ma•sin

(ˌbɑn dʒərˈmɑ sɪn)

a seaport on the S coast of Borneo, in Indonesia. 481,371.
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If indeed Ventimiglia's mission was located on a river called Caljong Cajamp, the really big problem is that the mission must have been to the northeast of Banjermasin, in a region that was under the control of the Sultan or the pangerans, which does not fit with the early accounts that I analyzed above.
Others came from Banjermasin via Batavia to Surabaya and to Biak, others continuing to Hollandia.