Bank of Japan

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Noun1.Bank of Japan - the central bank of Japan
central bank - a government monetary authority that issues currency and regulates the supply of credit and holds the reserves of other banks and sells new issues of securities for the government
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Three, the Powell Fed will raise the Fed Funds rate at least four times in its anti-inflation vigilance while the Kuroda Bank of Japan continues to "nationalise" the government bond market, 98 per cent owned by domestic investors.
Mizuho DKB Brokerage (MDB), a global wealth management company, has urged the Bank of Japan to increase its stimulus program to reach the target price early to avoid the negative consequences of an extended easing policy.
But last week the Bank of Japan said it was considering further cuts to the rate it charges banks for borrowing.
Bank of Japan to release monetary base for September.
The Bank of Japan is to begin a two-day meeting Monday.
Abe has urged the Bank of Japan - the country's central bank - to undertake unconventional steps for economic growth.
The Bank of Japan entered the fray with a strong reputation as an inflation hawk but found that it had to revise its message in order to clarify its inflation goal as Japanese price levels fell.
29 September 2011 - Development Bank of Japan has priced a USD1bn (EUR734m) bond at 99.
21 September 2011 - The Development Bank of Japan is set to extend an additional tranche of JPY50bn (USD654.
The central bank of Japan has announced a cut in its growth forecast.
The Bank of Japan eased its monetary policy further on Monday as share prices plunged and a nuclear emergency seized the country after Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan.
The Bank of Japan maintained its view on the economy and reiterated that "Japan's economic conditions have stopped worsening.