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A card issued by a bank authorizing the holder to receive bank services and often functioning as a debit card.


(ˈbæŋkˌkɑːd) or

banker's card

(Banking & Finance) any plastic card issued by a bank, such as a cash card or cheque card
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Cubic played a crucial role in the development of the payment system, spending three years researching and developing the Tri-Reader 3 to process contactless-enabled bankcards.
Bankcard lending is on the rise, with new bankcards up 21.
There were other cards in there, old bankcards, store discount cards, a picture of his wife etc.
In Japan in the first three months of 2005 alone, there were over 30 cases of withdrawals on fake or illicitly procured bankcards involving amounts averaging JPY1MM (US$9,500) each.
Analysis by FICO Score Trends Service Finds That Borrowers with High FICO Scores Now Defaulting on Mortgages Faster Than Bankcards
Furthermore, bankcards from 77 different countries have been used on the London system, bringing a new level of convenience for the millions of visitors who visit London each year.
The application of IC cards in the bankcard field is generally regarded as the inner requirements for enhancing the safety standards and service abilities of Chinese bankcards and the necessary measures to cast to the international bankcard EMV movement (from magnetic cards to smart cards).
Over the past two years, some 20,000 assets including gates and readers have been retrofitted with contactless-enabled readers, developed by Cubic in conjunction with TfL and compatible with all contactless bankcards as well as Oyster.
4 Present Technology Situations of Chinese Bankcards
16 Bulgarian nationals were arrested 14 in the US and 2 in Bulgaria, investigated over bankcards skimming and money laundering.
The new FICO scoring model for bankcards is designed to give card issuers greater predictive capabilities in their origination and account management decisions.
11, 2006, foreign banks are now allowed to issue bankcards and this has resulted in a boom in bankcard-related industries such as tourism, retail and e-commerce.