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 (băng′kŏk′, băng-kŏk′) also Krung Thep (gro͝ong tĕp′)
The capital and largest city of Thailand, in the southwest on the Chao Phraya River near the Gulf of Thailand. It is a leading port and industrial center with a major jewelry market.


 (băng′kŏk′, băng-kŏk′)
A hat made of finely woven straw.

[After Bangkok.]


(ˈbæŋkɒk; bæŋˈkɒk)
(Placename) the capital and chief port of Thailand, on the Chao Phraya River: became a royal city and the capital in 1782. Pop: 6 604 000 (2005 est). Thai name: Krung Thep


(ˈbæŋ kɒk, bæŋˈkɒk)

the capital of Thailand, in the S central part, on the Chao Phraya. 5,876,000.
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Noun1.Bangkok - the capital and largest city and chief port of ThailandBangkok - the capital and largest city and chief port of Thailand; a leading city in southeastern Asia; noted for Buddhist architecture
Kingdom of Thailand, Siam, Thailand - a country of southeastern Asia that extends southward along the Isthmus of Kra to the Malay Peninsula; "Thailand is the official name of the former Siam"


[bæŋˈkɒk] NBangkok m


[ˈbæŋkɒk bæŋˈkɒk] nBangkok


[bæŋˈkɒk] nBangkok f
References in classic literature ?
We left London in ballast--sand ballast--to load a cargo of coal in a northern port for Bankok.
When we made that start for Bankok we had been already three months out of London.
This was done, the repairs finished, cargo re- shipped; a new crew came on board, and we went out-- for Bankok.
I loved the ship more than ever, and wanted awfully to get to Bankok.
They sent us one all complete from Liverpool, and we left once more--for Bankok.
It is the hurricane month too; but we will just keep her head for Bankok, and fight the fire.
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Se representan las variaciones y semejanzas de los patrones de post en Instagram organizados por brillo y color, de ciudades como Tokio, Nueva York, Bankok y San Francisco.
He was deputed as Defence Attache in the Embassy of India, Bankok, Thiland from 2006 to 2009.