Act of bankruptcy

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(Law) an act of a debtor which renders him liable to be adjudged a bankrupt.

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Mann's narrative also ends abruptly and inconclusively with the Bankruptcy Act of 1800.
2609, the Equal Treatment of Pension mad Bankruptcy Act of 2003, proposes to limit transfers relating to retirement benefits and prosecute debtors who violate this rule.
The County, fearing that the delivery of a deed would put it in violation of the Bankruptcy Act withheld further action.
Alexander Clark, 38, was originally charged with 12 offences of fraud and theft and breaches of the Bankruptcy Act by defrauding businesses and banks of over pounds 300,000.
These measures include revisions to the Bankruptcy Act, currently under discussions by an advisory panel to the justice minister, to exempt more personal belongings from court seizure during bankruptcy proceedings, the report says.
The Bankruptcy Act of 1898 was the first modern bankruptcy statute in the United States.
The book is timely as Congress revamps the Bankruptcy Act in reaction to the escalating rate of personal bankruptcies that exceeded 1.
The bill, to amend the Bankruptcy Act, now will go back to the lower house for final approval before becoming law.
His parents took him to the CAB and, after the Bankruptcy Act was explained to him, he opted for a pounds 300-a-month repayment plan.
Case law construing Bankruptcy Code section 707(b) has erected a barrier to the bankruptcy discharge unprecedented in United States bankruptcy history since voluntary liquidations were first allowed in the Bankruptcy Act of 1841.
Together with all the Sturman interests, they claim 40 percent of the properties and plan to use a section of the bankruptcy act to enforce matching rights, known as "I" rights after the section 363i of the code.
Under the Bankruptcy Act of 1898, debt forgiveness was an ill-defined, cumbersome process.