Act of bankruptcy

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(Law) an act of a debtor which renders him liable to be adjudged a bankrupt.

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Now the discharge in bankruptcy acts as an injunction against future collection efforts.
Three federal bankruptcy acts were passed--in 1800, 1841, and 1867--but all were repealed shortly after their enactment for several reasons.
The first long-lasting piece of bankruptcy legislation in the United States was the 1898 Bankruptcy Act.
The Great Depression in the 1930s revealed several problems with the 1898 Bankruptcy Act.
fear is built up within teachers and administrators with items such as merit pay, school bankruptcy acts, tuition voucher plans, as well as commercial companies providing education for students.
Since this Article argues in part that dismissal for substantial abuse based on ability to pay from future income is a radical departure from the past, this Part provides a brief sketch of the debtor's situation under prior bankruptcy acts.
The new category and harbinger of the next two bankruptcy acts was the allowance of property exempt from levy and forced sale under the laws of the United States and "such other property not included in the foregoing exceptions as is exempted from levy and sale" under state law as allowed in 1864, i.
Thus far, bankruptcy acts granted or withheld the discharge.
Additionally, the enactment of a new corporate bankruptcy act in 2005
down provisions of the Bankruptcy Act and confirm the plan despite the
The roots of [section] 502(b)(6) reach to the Bankruptcy Act of
hard cases under the Bankruptcy Act, whose own purposes must ultimately