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1. Any of the homelands formerly established for blacks in South Africa by the government during the apartheid era.
2. A landlocked, often fragmented ethnic enclave within a larger state, nominally possessing some degree of autonomy but usually economically dependent and lacking real power.

[From Bantu (on the model of Hindustan).]


(ˈbɑːntʊˌstɑːn; ˌbæntʊˈstɑːn)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly, in South Africa) an area reserved for occupation by a Black African people, with limited self-government; abolished in 1993. Official name: homeland


(ˈhoʊmˌlænd, -lənd)

1. one's native land.
2. a region created or considered as a state by or for a particular ethnic group: the Palestinian homeland.
3. any of the racially and ethnically based regions created in South Africa by the government as nominally independent tribal states.
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It is not surprising, then, that it has been estimated that over 80 percent of the population of the bantustans lives below the poverty line.
If implemented, this settlement would have a similar effect to the E1 expansion of Ma'ale Aduminsettlement: it would further isolate Occupied East Jerusalem, turning Palestinian communities intowalled Bantustans by completing the Cosouthern West Bank Bantustan.
Beginning with the ethnic cleansing of 80 per cent of Palestine in 1948, and Israel's occupation of the remaining 20pc of the land in 1967, Palestinians in Israel are now enclaved in mega-prisons, bantustans, and besieged cantons, and singled out through discriminatory policies," he wrote.
Indeed such a state -- prototype of South Africa's disgraced Bantustans -- would be entirely dependent and economically controlled by the Occupying regime.
Palestinians will be isolated in their Bantustans, cut off from one another, village from city, north from south, all from Jerusalem and Gaza, hardly a viable state.
The hated bantustans of South Africa were created to deny blacks political access and to exclude them from participation in central government, while legal efforts to assure that districts will not dilute minority voting power do just the opposite.
The bantustans are where these 22 million blacks are expected to enjoy "political rights.
The intention of the Bantustans was the maintain segeregation and a flow fo cheap back labour.
She fails to appreciate the significant difference between the South African proposal establishing Bantustans for South Africa's black residents and the Palestinian proposal at the United Nations for statehood.
They've been herded onto refugee camps called reservations or Bantustans and kept in poverty and despair.
The West Bank will soon follow, as the newly created Bantustans become a source of revolt and radicalism.
But if the dream of Greater Israel becomes a reality, the dream of Palestinian statehood is finally extinguished and almost all the remaining Palestinian population is confined to a few autonomous but powerless Bantustans, how can the apartheid nature of the Israeli regime be denied?