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or Pao•chi


a city in W Shaanxi province, in central China. 338,754.
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Headquartered in Baoji City in China, BOMCO is China's largest government-owned oilfield equipment manufacturing company and the leading maker of land rigs and mud pumps in the world.
Companies profiled in this report include Nitinol Devices & Components, SAES Getters, Johnson Matthey, ATI, Fort Wayne Metals, Metalwerks PMD, Ultimate NiTi Technologies, Grikin, PEIER Tech, Saite Metal, Seemine, Smart, Baoji Seabird Metal and GEE.
Lu X, Wang L, Lei K, Huang J, Zhai Y (2009) Contamination assessment of copper, lead, zinc, manganese and nickel in street dust of Baoji, NW China.
Our new study has identified novel populations of nerve cells that regulate appetite, thermogenesis and physical activity," said TSRI Professor Baoji Xu, who led the research.
Observations made in the field were supplemented with reference to the literature, in particular the recently republished 'jade wares' from Yu state cemeteries near Baoji and the early Jin state cemetery at Tianma-Qucun (Lu & Hu 1988; PKU & Shanxi IA 2000; ACSAC 2010).
Midian zhulin (Pearl Forest in the Secret Hall), in Shiqu baoji Midian zhulin hebian (1744; Shanghai: Shanghai Shudian chubanshe, 2011), 9.
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This is the first time protein synthesis in dendrites, tree-like extensions of neurons, has been found to be critical for control of weight," said the study's senior investigator, Baoji Xu, Ph.
5 megawatt Shaanxi Qingling Guanritai Wind Power Project, to be located in Feng County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, China.
We look forward to building on this relationship and to a prosperous future for our business here at The Galleries," said Wang Baoji, vice-president of the China National Petroleum Corporation, Oilfield Services, Middle East, in a statement.