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Noun1.Baptists - any of various evangelical Protestant churches that believe in the baptism of voluntary believersBaptists - any of various evangelical Protestant churches that believe in the baptism of voluntary believers
Baptist denomination - group of Baptist congregations
Protestant denomination - group of Protestant congregations
Baptist - follower of Baptistic doctrines
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She is a democrat, her husband is a republican, and both of them are Baptists.
When an itinerant priest of the persuasion of the Methodists, Baptists, Universalists, or of the more numerous sect of the Presbyterians, was accidentally in the neighborhood, he was ordinarily invited to officiate, and was commonly rewarded for his services by a collection in a hat, before the congregation separated.
The Wesleyans and the Baptists both had chapels in the village.
They laughed and chatted all the way home, and little Baptist, up behind, thought that monsieur and madamoiselle were in charming spirits.
Grandfather was a deacon in the new Baptist Church, grandmother was busy with church suppers and missionary societies, and I was quite another boy, or thought I was.
The wide circumference of an elaborate ruff, beneath his grey beard, in the antiquated fashion of King James's reign, caused his head to look not a little like that of John the Baptist in a charger.
She was a pious, good girl,--a member of the Baptist church,--and as handsome as my poor mother had been.
It was over such dancing," I said, "that John the Baptist lost his head.
Rodd, the Baptist minister, had requested that, so far as was compatible with the fair accommodation of other customers, the sheep's trotters might be reserved for him.
He's a 'piscopalian mostly - but he jest let 'em hev it both sides o' the bow, 'sif he was a Baptist, an' sez he warn't goin' to give up Penn to any blame Moravian connection in Pennsylvania or anywheres else.
The face wore a disconcerted expression, as did, perhaps, that of St John the Baptist.
And so I swear once more, by the mill-tails of hell and the head of John the Baptist, I'll never hit for the Outside till I make my pile.