Bar shot

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a double headed shot, consisting of a bar, with a ball or half ball at each end; - formerly used for destroying the masts or rigging in naval combat.

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But it earns him a sort of immortality in the minds of newspapermen and women the world over, as well as a huge chunk of treasured space in the obituary column of that uber-sober broadsheet the New York Times which had reported the crime in more genteel fashion: "Owner of a Bar Shot to Death; Suspect Is Held.
Other newspapers at that time didn't have such a headline -- The New York Times , for example, had the headline -- " Owner of a Bar Shot to Death; Suspect Is Held".
More than 280,000 artifacts have been recovered to date, including such items as shackles, a fragment of a crystal wine glass, bar shot (projectiles fired from a cannon), a nesting cup lid, and items related to rigging.
Handing your guests a Burst Bar Shot as they walk in the door is unexpected -- when was the last time you were served a fun bar drink at someone's home?
Professional Event Planner Mary Coch and DeKuyper(R) Burst Bar Shots Share Stress-Free Party Shortcuts
For the bar, consider limiting it to beer and wine then serve a great specialty drink, like Burst Bar Shots.
They brought up a set of bar shot, some copper sheeting and a square wooden dowel fastened with what appears to be square nails.
Beam Global Spirits & Wine has added DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots to its popular line of DeKuyper cordials.
Rory was instrumental in developing our brand-building vision, sharpening our focus on consumer insights, implementing new ways of marketing, and helping develop and launch successful new products, such as Sauza Margarita in a Box, (r)1 Whiskey, DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots and Red Stag by Jim Beam, which has become one of the hottest new spirits products in years.
DeKuyper launched its line of DeKuyper[R] Burst Bar Shots in July 2008 to help eliminate complicated mixing.
DeKuyper[R] Burst Bar Shots Make it as Easy as Open, Pour and Party
DeKuyper[R] Burst Bar Shots are pre-mixed shots containing all ingredients in one bottle so that all the consumer needs to do is "Open, Pour and Party