Bar shot

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a double headed shot, consisting of a bar, with a ball or half ball at each end; - formerly used for destroying the masts or rigging in naval combat.

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But it earns him a sort of immortality in the minds of newspapermen and women the world over, as well as a huge chunk of treasured space in the obituary column of that uber-sober broadsheet the New York Times which had reported the crime in more genteel fashion: "Owner of a Bar Shot to Death; Suspect Is Held.
Other newspapers at that time didn't have such a headline -- The New York Times , for example, had the headline -- " Owner of a Bar Shot to Death; Suspect Is Held".
A tastier alternative to energy gels, Clif Bar Shot Bloks have a mouthfeel like jelly.
More than 280,000 artifacts have been recovered to date, including such items as shackles, a fragment of a crystal wine glass, bar shot (projectiles fired from a cannon), a nesting cup lid, and items related to rigging.
They brought up a set of bar shot, some copper sheeting and a square wooden dowel fastened with what appears to be square nails.
Beam Global Spirits & Wine has added DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots to its popular line of DeKuyper cordials.
Rory was instrumental in developing our brand-building vision, sharpening our focus on consumer insights, implementing new ways of marketing, and helping develop and launch successful new products, such as Sauza Margarita in a Box, (r)1 Whiskey, DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots and Red Stag by Jim Beam, which has become one of the hottest new spirits products in years.
DeKuyper launched its line of DeKuyper[R] Burst Bar Shots in July 2008 to help eliminate complicated mixing.
DeKuyper[R] Burst Bar Shots Make it as Easy as Open, Pour and Party
DeKuyper[R] Burst Bar Shots are pre-mixed shots containing all ingredients in one bottle so that all the consumer needs to do is "Open, Pour and Party
Burst Bar Shots reduce the need for multiple ingredients while maintaining the quality taste and flavor of freshly made shots.
Burst Bar Shots are designed to help consumers when entertaining at-home and reduce the number of ingredients needed to create one great, mixed shot," stated Sheryl Rosenberger, senior brand manager, DeKuyper.