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 (băr′ə-kō′ə, bä′rä-)
A city of southeast Cuba on the coast near the eastern end of the island. It is the oldest settlement in Cuba.


(ˌbɑ rɑˈkɔ ɑ)

a seaport in E Cuba: oldest Spanish town in Cuba; settled 1512. 35,538.
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A woman cries amid the rubble of her home, destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in Baracoa, Cuba, Wednesday.
Light enough to be carried by one person, small enough to fit in a car, and with a flight time of up to 10 minutes at speeds of up of 60mph, the JB-10 has a wide range of potential applications and commercial uses | A woman removes debris from homes that fell in the street after the passing of Hurricane Matthew in Baracoa, Cuba, yesterday.
However, Kirk was on their tail and also headed to Baracoa, Cuba.