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n.1.(Physics) The pressure of one dyne per square centimeter; - used as a unit of pressure.
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They went on to say that the Ankara forces also gained control over the villages of Barad al-Malekiyeh and al-Zaytoni Farm West of the town of Mar'anaz, tightening noose on the Kurds in Afrin.
Tenders are invited for Construction of barad (bm86/3/2c cnb/11) tal.
The current model for surgical training developed by William Halsted around the turn of the 20th century hasn't evolved much beyond the apprenticeship model," explained Justin Barad, M.
Barad describes diffractive reading as the act of (re)turning to the data and attempting to understand it from different perspectives.
8) Barad does not refute Butler, but rather questions the over-reliance on a discursive approach to performativity.
La nocion de performatividad es un concepto fundamental en el dialogo de Karen Barad con la obra de Judith Butler, en concreto en sus intentos de llevar los debates mas alla del ambito de la agencia humana.
In its various guises, this movement may well reveal the historical complicity of "old" Western Cartesian inert "thought" about what it thought truly and rationally mattered, its presumptions, logics, and methods of reason (for example, Barad, 2007; Coole & Frost, 2010; Connolly, 2013; Latour, 2013; Shaviro, 2014).
Army units hit gatherings of ISIS terrorists who were carrying out fortification and tunnel-digging works in the villages of Barad and al-Qassr in the countryside of the southern Sweida province, leaving a number of them dead or injured and destroying their fortifications, according to the military source.
The first match of the day took place in the presence of legendary former squash champion Ahmed Barad, Egyptian Squash Association President Assem Khalifa, and Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Khaled Abdel Aziz.
The critical disposition of Karen Barad in particular helps us to explore the spatiality of intra-action and its connections to individual and collective practices.
The Saudi warplanes in Jawf province randomly targeted herd of sheep in Barad directorate.
With this in mind, this study elucidates the breakdown of traditional boundaries, drawing upon two influential theorists, Karen Barad and Stacy Alaimo.