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n.1.(Physics) The pressure of one dyne per square centimeter; - used as a unit of pressure.
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Barad Dawakhana Dhudhali Paveliaon Ground Salokhe Home to Girija Auto Kolhapur
Mike Barad, who heads up mobile solutions for Morningstar, said, "Our latest mobile launch builds on our commitment to meeting investors where they are in new and innovative ways.
The sources said that terrorists targeted Bosra citadel with a number of makeshift explosive shells, and that terrorists were attempting to cut off the supply route that more than 25,000 locals depend on to procure their needs via the town of Barad, and that the terrorists also targeted communciaitons centers in an attempt to isolate the town.
While Punjabbhai Vansh replaces Jashubhai Barad in Junagarh, Pradip Agasty replaces Bipin Bora in Bardhaman- Durgapur seat.
Jill Barad was struggling at Mattel, as was Carly Fiorina at Hewlett Packard.
Calls for gun control were raised in op-ed pieces and by politicians, notably President Barad Obama and California Sen.
Results from the 15th annual Arkansas Poll, conducted by the University of Arkansas, found respondents blaming President Barad Obaina and the Democrats for the partial government shutdown.
The sniping cantered around Syria Street as well as Al Barad, Al Beessar, Souk el Kamih, Bakkar, American and Jabal Mohsen.
The agency provides grants for towns from the development through construction stages, and, according to Amy Barad, MassCEC's organics-to-energy program director, a number of communities are evaluating anaerobic digesters.
In another written reply to a question asked by Talala Congress MLA Jasu Barad, the minister said that as per the Census conducted in 2010, there were 411 lions in the state.
Also serving once were Ali Al-Seed, Mohammad Khalaf Al-Mhammel, Saud Al-Rishidi, Mubarak Al-Haifi, Eid Hathal Al-Rishidi, Awwad Barad Al-Enizi, Mohammad Al-Fajji, Mizal Al-Nemran, and Khudhair Al-Enizi.
According to Haim Barad, Chief Bartending Officer (CBO), “Adding additional languages to support the ardent spirit of drinking enthusiasts was the natural growth path after this year's launch of the BarFinder App.