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 (bär′bŭt′) also bar·bute (-byo͞ot′, -bo͞ot′) also bar·bu·ta (-byo͞o′tə, -bo͞o′-)
A style of European helmet from the late Middle Ages, long on the sides and in back to protect the neck, and usually having a T-shaped opening in the front.

[French barbute, ultimately from Italian barbuta, from barba, beard (the helmet being so called because it allowed the wearer's beard to be seen), from Latin; see bhardh-ā- in Indo-European roots.]


an open-faced Italian helmet made from one piece of metal and reaching the shoulders
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Ma all'alba, mescolate a persone allampanate e barbute che la citta aveva buttato via o che si erano buttate via, Diana e le fanciulle lunari sciolgono i nodi della rete e liberano la Luna, che si solleva come una mongolfiera trascinata da loro che la controllano con lunghi nastri per le vie di New York.
2013) (private school tuition for child with auditory and speech disorders was special circumstance); In re Barbutes, 436 B.