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 (bär-dēn′), John 1908-1991.
American physicist. He shared two Nobel Prizes in physics, one in 1956 for the development of the electronic transistor, and one in 1972 for a theory of superconductivity.


(Biography) John. 1908–91, US physicist and electrical engineer, noted for his research on electrical conduction in solids; shared Nobel prize for physics 1956 for research on semiconductors leading to the invention of the transistor; shared Nobel prize for physics 1972 for contributions to the theory of superconductivity



John, 1908–91, U.S. physicist.
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Noun1.Bardeen - United States physicist who won the Nobel prize for physics twice (1908-1991)
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Bardeen, 10, his input is also possible before the end of the year.
His subsequent research with theoretical physicist John Bardeen showed that they, in fact, invented a semiconductor triode, later called a <<bipolar transistor.
Local actor David Bardeen ranks her high among stage managers he's worked with, saying, "Wherever she is feels like home.
edu/atmosnews/news/128593/dino-killing-asteroid-could-have-thrust-earth-two-years-darkness) National Center for Atmospheric Research scientist Charles Bardeen said in a statement from the group.
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It is a story about people: Mervin Kelly, the legendary Bell Labs President, the architect of the organization; Bill Baker, who succeeded him; William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain, inventors of the transistor; Claude Shannon, the father of information theory; and John Pierce, an early champion of the first communication satellites.
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18) Plantaris has been considered to be an organ of proprioceptive function for the larger, more powerful plantar flexors as it contains a high density of muscle spindles, Bardeen CR.
Mohammed Nasr Abdeen, chief executive officer of Union National Bank (UNB Bardeen has said that Union National Bank (UNB) has got an approval from Chinese central bank to open a full-fledge branch in financial nerve centre of Shanghai "UNB will be the first bank from Gulf Cooperation Council to have a branch in China.
Yet the policy was strict enough to lead to the departure of one of the most brilliant physicists of the 20th century, John Bardeen, a coinventor of the transistor, who fled Bell Labs partly because of frustration after his work on superconductivity was deemed tangential to communications research.
The team of Ross Kennedy, Richard Cantwell and Stephen Michael joined a UBS (UBS) private wealth management office in Boston, where they will be reporting to Maxwell Bardeen.