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also ba·rège  (bə-rĕzh′)
A sheer fabric woven of silk or cotton and wool.

[French barège, after Barèges, a town in France.]


(Textiles) a light silky gauze fabric made of wool
(Textiles) made of such a fabric
[C19: named after Barèges, France, where it was originally made]
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At an inquest held at Newport Coroners' Court yesterday Mr Spector told Gwent coroner David Bowen that on the day of Ms Hill's death, he and his wife rode for 20 minutes from Bareges along with two other residents from the hotel they were staying in.
The mother-of-two, from Monmouth, was on a cycling holiday with her husband Christopher Spector when she fell from a col while descending a mountain near Bareges.
By August 17 he felt well enough to walk to the fortified Templar church at Bareges, four miles away--"a regular pool of Bethesda .
Durante su estancia en las provincias vascas, Miguel Ricardo escribio una carta al ministro de Guerra solicitando permiso para dirigirse a Bareges y recibir unos banos que tanto bien le hacian a su salud.
Based at an 18th-century guesthouse in the central Pyrenean village of Bareges, you'll trek for four to six hours a day with a qualified mountain leader, exploring the spectacular peaks of the Cirque de Gavarnie, Pont d'Espagne and the Marcadau Valley.
La tercera parte, que se denomina Gran historia y pequenas historias, incluye veintitres trabajos, verdadera miscelanea, con lo siguientes titulos: Ser curista en la Galia bajo los romanos; Una cura en Bade en la edad media: ambiente; El termalismo medieval; Los establecimientos termales de los siglos XVI y XVIII; Una cura termal en el siglo XVII; El Duque de Maine y La Senora Maintenon en las aguas de Bareges (1675-1677-1681); Las aguas Bourbon de Dancourt; Carlos Bagard, el rey Estanislao y Cotrexeville; Curistas celebres de Plombieres antes de la revolucion; Las villas termales y la revolucion; Lo que Luchon debe al Intendente Etigny; ?
TRAWLING through brochures and the internet last season for somewhere to go skiing on my own, I settled on Bareges, a small village in the French Pyrenees.
Albite twins on greenish quartz with amianthus from Bareges in Haute Pyrenees, France.
Armand Wallon en su obra La vida cotidiana en las estaciones balnearias (1850-1914) (33), concretamente en su parte quinta <<Las estaciones balnearias y la literatura>> destaca como el celebre escritor e historiador Jules Michelet, vivio prolongados periodos de tiempo en estaciones termales como Acqui, Aix-les-Bains, Bagneres, Bagnoles-de-l'Orne, Bex, Bareges, Carlsbad, Cauterets, Evian, Forges-les-Eaux .
Los crecimientos macroscopicos microbianos en los manantiales, con bacterias oxidadoras del azufre, entre otras, forman un material mezcla de mucilagos y biomasa microbiana llamado baregina (<<de la estacion termal de Bareges en los Pirineos franceses>>) o sulfuraria, y constituyen comunidades microbianas con gran biodiversidad: los <<sulfureta >>.
Work of mastery of Mission for the work of making a urban elevator between the village of Bareges and the recreation area of ?
Teaching and supervision of mountain activities in winter for the Ministry of Defence personnel training at Mountain Air Center (MAC) for Bareges (65).