Bower-Barff process

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Bow´er-Barff´ proc`ess

1.(Metal.) A certain process for producing upon articles of iron or steel an adherent coating of the magnetic oxide of iron (which is not liable to corrosion by air, moisture, or ordinary acids). This is accomplished by producing, by oxidation at about 1600° F. in a closed space, a coating containing more or less of the ferric oxide (Fe2O3) and the subsequent change of this in a reduced atmosphere to the magnetic oxide (Fe2O4).
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Franchitti and co-driver Kelvin Blurt finished a second behind the TVR Tuscan of Martin Short and Rob Barff.
The drivers in action include the likes of Bernd Schneider, Jeroen Bleekemolen, Andreas Simonsen, Peter Kox, Marko Asmer, Oli Webb, Nicky Pastorelli, Miguel Ramos, Stefan Mucke, Thomas Jaeger, Rob Barff, Phil Quaife and Clemens Schmid.
Heading the entry list is the Dragon Racing McLaren 12C GT Sprint in the hands of Rob Barff and Jordan Grogor.
Based at Dubai Autodrome, the Dragon Racing Ferrari featuring Mohammed Jawa, Jordan Grogor, Matt Griffin and Rob Barff know their way around the circuit.
Meanwhile, fellow members Jane Barff and Sam Womersley were given gold and bronze, respectively, for success with fuchsias and a Viking knitted bracelet.
Judges for Season 3 include returning racing stars Danny Sullivan and Boris Said, with former racer and GT Academy instructor Rob Barff joining the expert panel for Season 3.
Also targeting outright victory is Dragon Racing, who have entered two Ferraris for Dubai Autodrome regulars Rob Barff, Bassam Kronfli, Jordan Grogor, Mohammad Jawa, Khalid Al Mudhaf and Frederic Fatien in the driving seat.
Chairman Jane Barff introduced Neil, Stephen, Valerie and Robert, four members of All Music Consort who entertained with brass items and solos and piano duets.
Heading the entry list is the Dragon Racing Ferrari 458 Italia, which Leon Price will share with Rob Barff, and they are the team to beat for top honours.
Jane Barff was in the chair, speaker was John Ward, a former schools inspector who gave a talk on 'Life Absurdities'.
Barff qualified on pole for last year's race and the team led until they had a misfortune during the night, which forced them to retire.