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A city of southeast Italy on the Adriatic Sea. Probably founded by Illyrians, it was controlled successively by the Greeks, Romans, Goths, Lombards, Byzantines, Normans, and Venetians and became part of the kingdom of Naples in 1557.


(Placename) a port in SE Italy, capital of Apulia, on the Adriatic coast. Pop: 316 532 (2001)


(ˈbɑr i)

a seaport in SE Italy, on the Adriatic. 358,906.
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Noun1.Bari - capital city of the Apulia region on the Adriatic coast
Apulia, Puglia - a region in southeastern Italy on the Adriatic
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Dr Martella is associate professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bari, Italy.
WHEN docker Primo Minzetti found a harmless snake and took it to a police station in Bari, Italy, five scared officers locked themselves in a toilet.
and BARI, Italy, July 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the University of Bari (Universita di Bari) has selected an IBM System z mainframe as part of a cloud computing project to help local businesses, including fishermen, winemakers and trucking companies, adopt new business models.
Petrilli, of the University of Bari, Italy, gives examples of Welby's monographs and correspondence.
Immigration officials in Bari, Italy, are now quizzing the Greek driver.
Dr Otranto is professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bari, Italy.
The Tuninter ATR-72 had been heading from Bari, Italy, for the Tunisian resort of Djerba when the alarm was raised on Saturday.
It all began with Salvatore Carbone, the town barber, back in Bari, Italy, before the turn of the century.
Ten men arrested for playing football in the nude on a beach at Bari, Italy, were all off-duty policemen.
Mattiace was born in Toritto, province of Bari, Italy, son of the late Pietro and Maria (Ferrante) Mattiace.
Dr Decaro is an associate professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bari, Italy.
Ryanair said the nine new routes from Milan - including Alghero and Cagliari in Sardinia, Bari, Italy, Gothenburg, Sweden and Porto, Portugal - will start in December.