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 (băr′ĭ-sôl′, bŭr′ĭ-säl′)
A city of southern Bangladesh on the Ganges River delta. The phenomenon known as "the Barisal guns," unexplained sounds resembling distant thunder or cannon fire, may be seismic in origin.


(ˌbʌr əˈsɑl, ˈbær əˌsɔl)

a port in S Bangladesh, on the Ganges River. 188,000.
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A survey of medicinal plants used by folk medicinal practitioners of Paschim Shawra and Palordi villages of Gaurnadi Upazila in Barisal district, Bangladesh.
Another petrol bombing took place on a truck at Gaurnadi sub- district of southern Barisal district at midnight Friday, in which all the truck employees, including the driver, died on the spot.
On August 20, 2012, Ibrahim Sikdar, an alleged RAB informant, his brother-in-law, Forkan Sikdar and other unidentified people physically attacked Hossain on the streets of his home village of Jhalakati in Barisal district.
Around 150 people were missing after the accident in Meghna River in Barisal district, 75 miles south of national capital Dhaka, according to the survivors.
Witnesses said the ferry MV Mitali was heading to Paishar Hat in the southern Barisal district from the capital's river port Shadarghat when it was hit by the storm at around 8 p.
Two of the deaths occurred in the Barisal district, around 250 kilometers from the capital, and the third in the Munshiganj district around 50 km from the capital, the police said.