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Noun1.artificial heart - a pump that replaces the natural heart
implant - a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue
Jarvik artificial heart, Jarvik heart - a kind of artificial heart that has been used with some success

ar·ti·fi·cial heart

n. corazón artificial, aparato que bombea la sangre con la capacidad funcional de un corazón normal.
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Barney Clark, recipient of a Jarvik permanent artificial heart, died at the University of Utah Medical Center.
Barney Clark, who was near death, received a permanent artificial heart designed by Dr.
30AM Roman Polanski's period drama, based on Charles Dickens' novel, starring Barney Clark and Ben Kingsley.
Period drama, based on Charles Dickens' novel, starring Ben Kingsley, Barney Clark and the late Edward Hardwicke.
Kolff continued his work on the artificial heart and in 1982, under his supervision; the first "permanent" artificial heart was implanted in a human patient, Barney Clark, who survived 112 days.
The device represented an advance on the Jarvik-7 heart implanted in Barney Clark in 1982, which was powered by a large air pump connected to the heart pump with tubes inserted through the skin.
Barney Clark was another skilled practitioner of human technology.
Richard Smith, MSEE, CCE, has been named the recipient of the Barney Clark Award by the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs.
These patients include Lou Gehrig (whose name became eponymous with a disease), Barney Clark (recipient of the first permanent artificial heart), Lorenzo Odone (subject of the movie Lorenzo's Oil), and AIDS activists.
Barney Clark plays the title orphan, who - like Polanski - finds himself menaced or imperiled at every turn, eventually finding himself ensnarled in the world of master thief Fagin (Ben Kingsley) and his No.
His casting talents are questionable when 12-year-old Barney Clark is orphan Oliver - he's cute but can't act.