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(Biography) P(hineas) T(aylor). 1810–91, US showman, who created The Greatest Show on Earth (1871) and, with J. A. Bailey, founded the Barnum and Bailey Circus (1881)


(ˈbɑr nəm)

P(hineas) T(aylor), 1810–91, U.S. showman and circus impresario.
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Noun1.Barnum - United States showman who popularized the circus (1810-1891)Barnum - United States showman who popularized the circus (1810-1891)
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Ferguson passed for a purely chimerical personage of the Barnum stamp, who, after having gone through the United States, proposed to "do" the British Isles.
Barnum offered him a million dollars to make a tour of the United States in his show.
That gentleman was a sort of Barnum, the director of a troupe of mountebanks, jugglers, clowns, acrobats, equilibrists, and gymnasts, who, according to the placard, was giving his last performances before leaving the Empire of the Sun for the States of the Union.
Barnum, Buried Cities; I can't remember any more now.
A Portuguese fellow who was handling him for the Barnum and Bailey show did that for him.
The famous showman Phineas T Barnum was born in the American town of Bethel, Connecticut in 1810.
Barnum, who many believe was one of the earliest and most brilliant practitioners of public relations.
The Greatest Showman - the movie based on PhineasT Barnum - recently won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song, for'This is Me'.
Barnum in The Greatest Showman, you have no doubt Jackman's committed to the material.
19, 2017 for a select group of individuals that were invited by the Barnum Museum.
Hugh Jackman's portrayal takes inspiration from the grandiose persona rather than historical fact, and his Barnum is a wide-eyed dreamer, creating wonder from the unremarkable and unwanted.
THE GREATEST SHOWMAN (PG) HHHH H ROLL up and rock out for director Michael Gracey's hyperkinetic, foot-stomping musical based on the topsy-turvy life of circus impresario and master of shameless self-promotion, Phineas Taylor Barnum.