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 (bä-rō′lō′, bə-)
n. pl. Ba·ro·los
A full-bodied red wine produced in the Piedmont region of Italy.

[After Barolo in the Piedmont region of Italy.]


(Brewing) (sometimes not capital) a dry red wine produced in the Piedmont region of Italy


(bəˈroʊ loʊ)

a red wine from the Piedmont region of Italy.
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In 1952, Alfredo Currado married Mario's daughter and made a name for Vietti's single-vineyard Barberas and Barolos.
While some top Barolos are deliciously accessible, others are less 'user friendly' and are an acquired taste.
Author Kerin O'Keefe will be present at the tasting on Friday, March 6th (4-7PM) to guide tasters through a selection of Barolos and Barbarescos highlighted in the book, speak of her experiences in the region, and explain what makes Barolo and Barbaresco the King and Queen of Italian wine.
Barolos are rarely cheap and I've been lucky enough to drink a lot of good ones but this cracker from an emerging star in Italy's most prestigious red wine region takes some beating.
Then there's the Barolos and Barbarescos from Piedmont, south of Turin, created from Italy's native Nebbiolo grapes variety.
Wine list: The multipage starting list is surprisingly deep, especially in expensive Italian reds (brunellos, barolos, super Tuscans, et al.
Nevertheless, Italy still produces some of the greatest wines in the world and none so than the great Barolos and Barbarescos of Piedmont in the North West.
Offering a range of elegant and approachable wines that combine tradition with a modern style, the Dolcettos, Barberas and Barolos of Marziano Abbona reflect the philosophy of respect for the natural characters of the vineyard and grapes.
Indeed many great barolos are described as tasting of sour cherries - so be warned, they can be an acquired taste.
It possesses a wine rack wall at its entrance holding some fine brunellos, barolos and amarones that are aging gracefully and a bar in the rear.
An IWM sommelier hosts the evening while pouring a fine selection of vintage Barolos from the likes of Bruno Giacosa to Aldo Conterno.