Barr body

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Barr body

The condensed, inactive X chromosome found in the nuclei of somatic cells of most female mammals. Also called sex chromatin.

[After Murray Llewellyn Barr (1908-1995), Canadian anatomist.]

Barr′ bod`y

an inactive Xchromosome present in the nuclear membrane of female somatic cells, used for verifying the sex of an individual.
[1960–65; after Murray Latin. Barr (born 1908), Canadian physician]
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This is driven by the X-inactivation gene (XIST), which produces a noncoding RNA that covers the entire X chromosome and essentially silences it--making it inactive and condensing it into what is termed a Barr body.
In 1959, Japanese cell biologist Susumo Ohno announced that each Barr body was an X chromosome, albeit a highly compacted one.
Lyon of the Medical Research Council's Mammalian Genetics Unit in Harwell, England, proposed in 1960 the idea of X inactivation, with the shutoff chromosome becoming the Barr body.