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A small clasp for holding the hair in place.

[French, diminutive of barre, bar, from Old French; see bar1.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a clasp or pin for holding women's hair in place
[C20: from French: a little bar, from barre bar1]



a clasp for holding a woman's or girl's hair in place.
[1900–05; < French; see bar1, -ette]
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Noun1.barrette - a pin for holding women's hair in placebarrette - a pin for holding women's hair in place
pin - a small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things


[bəˈret] N (US) → pasador m (para el pelo)


n (US) → (Haar)spange f
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The cap covers and transfers loads to the foundation barrettes.
Contract award notice: acquisition de barrettes mmoires pour les serveurs des lyces de la rgion bourgogne franche-comt.
Anker further said that putting in too many things at once will not only make one look like a fashion victim, it will also damage their hair if the pins and barrettes were too tight and therefore, he would suggest one should opt for elastic hair bands.
Le chef de poste de la garde maritime de Sidi Mechreg qui releve de la zone maritime Zarzouna-Bizerte, Hichem Ghouibi a declare que des suspects a bord de l'embarcation ont ete interpelles par une patrouille maritime qui a saisi quatre barrettes de cannabis d'environ 30 kg.
The invention's unique design provides its users with a convenient method of preventing pony tail bands and barrettes from getting tangled.
At House of Holland, Goody barrettes were sprayed to match the colour of the heels of the models' shoes then used to secure straight, flowing hair at the neck.
Ditch your bobby-pins and reach for statement-making barrettes to clip your hair back with.
This new line includes innovative headbands, barrettes and claw clips.
Dubbed Ouchless Flex, the line of pressure-free headbands, comfortflex updo barrettes and comfort-flex claw clips to the market contours to the curve of the female head.
The Barrettes said they appreciate people stopping by or calling.
This "hair jewelry" has become very popular with the jingle dance style and is usually accompanied by various beaded side barrettes, hair bands, back barrettes, and matching earrings.
s Scunci division employs "no-slip grip" technology for its jaw clips, hair bands and barrettes.