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 (bär′thəl-mē′), Donald 1931-1989.
American writer whose sometimes surrealistic stories of modern American life appear in collections such as Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts (1968).
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Noun1.Barthelme - United States author of sometimes surrealistic stories (1931-1989)
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Like that of her friend Donald Barthelme, Grace Paley's voice has become an influential sound in contemporary American literature because it reminds us that although the story can no longer be told as it once was, it still needs to go on being told.
Born in Houston, the younger brother of Donald Barthelme, Frederick studied art and architecture at Tulane, the University of Houston, and the Museum of Fine Art in Houston.
Panelists scheduled to participate include German winegrowers Ernst Loosen, Katharina Prum, Philipp Wittmann, Nik Weis, Carl Von Schubert and Fritz Hasselbach, Alsace winegrower Maurice Barthelme, Australian producers Judi Cullam and Louisa Rose, New Zealand producer Josh Scott, Oregon winemaker Harry Peterson Nedry, Washington winemaker Nicolas Quille, New York producers Frederick Frank and Dave Breeden, Michigan producer Sean O'Keefe, Ontario winemaker Angelo Pavan, Okanagan winemaker Grant Stanley, Chateau Ste.
Su nombre se asocia a escritores como Kurt Vonnegut y Donald Barthelme, y usted los ha mencionado como influencias.
Margaret Atwood, for instance, and Frederick Barthelme have served as judges.
A prolific writer himself, Atkins acknowledges a debt to experimental fiction and seeks to do for a passivity of viewing what, in previous generations, authors like Donald Barthelme, David Markson, and David Foster Wallace sought to do for a passivity of reading.
El ejemplo que McHale desarrolla en su libro es el del relato "The Balloon" de Barthelme (en Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts), pero podrian senalarse muchos otros que ilustran la semejanza entre el proyecto de alguno de estos escritores y el de Gass.
Willoughby (Mars), gives him an "A" for writing a suicidal essay blending the best of Donald Barthelme with "Sesame Street.
Similarly, Tony Tanner's classic 1971 study of contemporary American fiction City of Words gives authors like Pynchon and William Burroughs more or less equal space alongside such fifties stalwarts as Bellow, Malamud, and Ralph Ellison (although Tanner includes a speculative conclusion citing William Gaddis, Donald Barthelme, and Richard Brautigan as examples of "how American fiction has moved, and is moving" [393]).
If this sounds surprisingly like the late Donald Barthelme, it sounds even more like vintage Sorrentino, with the sonar ear and wicked wink, in his Mulligan Stew (1979), a sendup not only of Finnegans Wake but also of Scott Fitzgerald, Dashiell Hammett, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Flann O'Brien, westerns, mysteries, and masques, with a weakness for the colors blue and orange, the objects garter and pinata, and the persons Carl Jung and Clint Hartung.
If Solwitz suggests a Sue Miller, think of Sandra Newman as a latterday cross between Donald Barthelme and Fay Weldon.
I am thinking here of the work of Robert Coover, for example, or Donald Barthelme, Hunter S.