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 (bär′tŏk′, -tôk′), Béla 1881-1945.
Hungarian pianist and composer whose works, including the music for the opera Duke Bluebeard's Castle (1911) and Concerto for Orchestra (1943), combine Eastern European folk music with dissonant harmonies.

Bar·tók′i·an adj.


(ˈbɑːtɒk; Hungarian ˈbɔrtoːk)
(Biography) Béla (ˈbeːlɔ). 1881–1945, Hungarian composer, pianist, and collector of folk songs, by which his music was deeply influenced. His works include six string quartets, three piano concertos, several piano pieces including Mikrokosmos (1926–37), ballets (including The Miraculous Mandarin, 1919), and the opera Bluebeard's Castle (produced 1918)


(ˈbɑr tɒk, -tɔk)

Béla, 1881–1945, Hungarian composer.
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Noun1.Bartok - Hungarian composer and pianist who collected Hungarian folk music; in 1940 he moved to the United States (1881-1945)
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Presented by Music Worcester, the concert of music by Bela Bartok, James MacMillan, and Franz Schubert demonstrated smart programming, technical brilliance, and interpretive insight from the Brentanos, who last year succeeded the now-disbanded Tokyo Quartet as Artists-in-Residence at Yale University.
The concert, on Saturday, April 18, features a programme of lyrical, dramatic and melodic music from the folk traditions of Eastern Europe, with works by Dvorak, Szymanowski and Bartok.
We the audience, had our own opinions of course, but with such a diversity of concertos: Chopin, Bartok, Rachmaninov, one would have thought that fair/comparative/well-balanced decisions would be impossible.
Fall to Rise marks the feature directorial debut of Jayce Bartok.
Busoni indicates his with double bars, giving no comment as to the manner of their realization; Bartok uses the aforementioned symbols; Czerny seems a bit ashamed of the phrasing breaks, but clearly marks them nonetheless.
XL group, Global insurance and reinsurance provider, opens a new office in Lyon, France and appointed Auberi Etienne and Clotilde Bartok as senior casualty underwriter middle market and property underwriter middle market respectively.
It certainly was in the case of the 1st Violin Concerto of Bela Bartok.
On his list of favorite pastimes is reading in Central Park (he favors biographies of noted artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Pablo Picasso) and listening to classical music from composers like Beethoven, Brahms and Bartok.
THE MEMORY PALACE: A MEMOIR provides an outstanding memoir of the author's life with a brilliant but mentally ill mother, Norma Bartok, and their volatile relationship.
He is 5ft 10in with cropped brown hair and light blue eyes, was last seen near Gilgamesh, a pub in Camden, at around 1am, having been spotted an hour earlier outside Bartok, a bar in Chalk Farm.
Rogister remarkably clear orchestral textures never detracted from the nervy, frenzied lyricism of the Schoen-berg or the fervid, brooding expression of the Bartok.
We are grateful to the editor Petr Vit for making available to the public Bela Bartok's complete works for violin performed by a supremely qualified musicians who had presented the world premiere of many of the composer's compositions and for many years appeared with him (with Bartok playing piano).