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Clara Barton
photographed in 1904


 (bär′tn), Clarissa Harlowe Known as "Clara." 1821-1912.
American administrator who did battlefield relief work during the Civil War and organized the American Red Cross (1881).


(Agriculture) archaic a farmyard
[Old English beretūn, from bere barley + tūn stockade; see town]


1. (Biography) Sir Derek (Harold Richard). 1918–98, British organic chemist: shared the Nobel prize for chemistry (1969) for his work on conformational analysis
2. (Biography) Sir Edmund. 1849–1920, Australian statesman; first prime minister of Australia (1901–03)
3. (Biography) Elizabeth, known as the Maid of Kent. ?1506–34, English nun, who claimed the gift of prophecy. Her criticism of Henry VIII's attempt to annul his first marriage led to her execution
4. (Biography) John (Bernard Adie). born 1928, British theatre director, noted esp for his productions of Shakespeare


(ˈbɑr tn)

1. Clara, 1821–1912, U.S. philanthropist who organized the American Red Cross in 1881.
2. Derek H(arold) R(ichard), 1918–98, British chemist: Nobel prize 1969.