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adv.1.(Her.) Horizontally.
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00 Venue: Roe Valley Arts and Culture Centre This exhibition represents the latest work from Derry Print Workshop's printmaking collective - Matthew Braithwaite, Jane Turner Moore, Stephanie Gaumond, Paul Barwise, Joe Barwise, Rebecca Strain and Andrew Hepburn.
Home: (Colne Valley players first) Andy Cairns 16 Danny Barwise 21, Rob Cox 21 Don Morris 16, Mark Sykes 18 Tim Dickinson 21, Wayne Moseley 21 Dave Hughes 12, Mark Atkinson 21 Peter Stringfellow 11, Andrew Wadsworth 21 Colin Parry 17, Ross Mallinson 21 Mark Myles 20, Nathan Haigh 21 Andy Howie 12, John Metcalf 17 Derek Ainsworth 21, Michael Sweeney 15 Jimmy Fagan 21, Ray Whitwam 18 John Coupe 21, Wayne Dews 21 Darren Evans 16.
BORDERWAY Mart in Carlisle is to hold a major reduction sale of the Barwise Aberdeen Angus herd.
In the summer of 1976, 19-yearold David Barwise takes a job at a holiday resort in the seaside town of Skegness, England, hoping to avoid spending the summer with his mother and stepfather.
Leah Barwise and Ryan McKernan, both of Sterling, received bachelor's degrees from Roger Williams University.
Kathryn Barwise, seven, said: "Mrs Spinola is kind.
I hope that it's the beginning of lots of bigger projects coming to South Africa," says Barwise, so "that the world .
First round draw: Paul Lamb v Lee Dale, Clay Flattley v Ryan Prosser, Glynn Hargraves v John Finch, Ashley Daykin v Callum Wraight, Ben Harris v Chris Brown, Wayne Ditchfield v Jim Derby, David Walker v Kerry Morris, Chris Slater v Carl Armitage, Andy Buckley v Andy Milsom, Thomas Hanson v Gary Ellis, John Dewey v James Fitzpatrick, Nicky Shaw v Simon Coupe, Dave Phillips v Martin Gilpin, Mark Picknell v Danny Barwise, Robbie Fitzpatrick v Matt Gilmore, Danny Towning v James Davison.
Court worker Sarah Barwise, from Southport, says she was told by her insurance firm she had to use their solicitor after her car was shunted by a van, in June, 2008.
The company senior vice president of development, Wayne Barwise, said, 'We are thrilled to embark on this extensive revitalisation, given Toronto Eaton Centre's prominent role in Canada's retail and cultural landscape.
Ken Barwise was awarded the Military Medal for his heroism at Kapyong, where he single-handedly captured a machine gun position.
He collected the pounds 800 first prize with some outstanding bowling on the day and beat Merseyside's Danny Barwise 31/4 in the final.