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A catfish (Pangasius bocourti) native to Southeast Asia, often cultivated in fish farms for food. Also called pangasius.

[Vietnamese (cá) ba sa : , fish + ba sa, probably of Tai origin (ba, perhaps akin to Lao , fish).]
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When thus opposed he continually rolle his head from side to side, in a very odd manner, as if th power of distinct vision lay only in the anterior and basa part of each eye.
Antibacterial epoxy nano-floorings made in Basa Polymer Company succeeded in the elimination of more than 99% of bacteria grown on the surface of flooring during a standard bacterium growth test," she said.
Basa Las Palmas expects to develop the project next year.
We've ensured that the products in the range are responsibly and ethically farmed and prepared, with the tuna being dolphin friendly and tilapia and basa both suitable for the ethnic population, having been prepared in Halal approved factories.
The BASA Executive Agreement was signed by the FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt and the Secretary of Ministry of Civil Aviation for India, Dr.
Florent Balmont is out amd Marko Basa and Aurelien Chedjou are doubtful.
DUBAI Beverly Basa, a Filipina working in Abu Dhabi, is fuming after her fianc was barred twice in Manila from boarding his plane that was supposed to fly him to the UAE.
You can also order the basa steamed; just make sure you smother it with Chef Lam Lum's incredible sauces
According to the USIBC, the BASA allows aviation authorities such as the FAA and DGCA to certify aeronautical products and systems to be introduced in American and Indian markets, respectively.
The Indian government is pushing ahead for BASA tie as aeronautical products are now being designed and manufactured in India and the industry feels there is a need for international acceptance for such products.