Basal plane

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(Crystallog.) a plane parallel to the lateral or horizontal axis.

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As MOSFET's oxide film, formed on the surface of an epitaxial wafer, is used in device operations, finer surface defect (SD) and various types of crystal defects, including basal plane dislocation (BPD), considerably affect the yield and product quality.
Graphene is the basal plane of graphite: a one-atom-thick, two-dimensional honeycomb layer of sp2-bonded carbon.
The patterns obtained at room temperature included the basal plane (002) and (001) and the (101) edge planes of the hexagonal crystal structure.
At any stage of thermal aging, the expansion in the basal plane dimension a is nearly 1.
In the case of carbons, namely graphite, the phonon transfer is anisotropic because of the different bonding mechanisms for the in-plane or basal plane carbon atoms (the <a> plane direction, covalent bonding) and the between-basal-plane bonding (the <c> plane, van der Waals bonding), with the most efficient conduction occurring in the basal plane direction (ref.
This illumination causes an extremely thin section of fluorophor excitation resulting in high contrast real time imaging of labeled molecules at the cell membrane or basal plane of the specimen.
The crystals with axial symmetries are usually periodic along the symmetry axis, and quasiperiodic in the basal plane.
Nasdaq: CREE) announces its latest silicon carbide (SiC) offering with low basal plane dislocation (LBPD) 100-mm 4H SiC epitaxial wafers.
The observed basal plane spacing for various processing conditions are given in Table 2.