Bascule bridge

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a counterpoise or balanced drawbridge, which is opened by sinking the counterpoise and thus lifting the footway into the air.

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For the reconstruction of Cecilia Bridge, a bascule bridge in Oldenburg, the design-AU and the tender documents must be drawn up.
Inside, men spread papers on their tables beneath pictures on the wall of the famous bascule bridge, a drawbridge in more familiar language.
The PS2m South |Shields landing has a 240 tonne bascule bridge that was built at Cammell Laird in Hebburn Spirit of the Tyne, |the newest Tyne ferry, was fabricated in Holland and assembled at a shipyard on Portsmouth.
Nearby, the Sanibel Causeway ($6 fee) and Matlacha bascule bridge provide enticing structure for bank or boat fishermen.
He listed central library, the Bluecoat, Oriel Chambers, and the Bascule bridge, on Regent Road, as examples of heritage assets that had been or were being renovated.
Kolkata, Mar 19 (ANI): The famed swing bascule bridge at Kidderpore Port in Kolkata was extensively damaged after an empty cargo ship towed by a tug crashed against the guard wall of the bridge on Wednesday.
At the Bascule Bridge, in the centre of of the town, residents said the sea was at least 5ft higher than its usual level by 7.
Next, the team will demolish the old bridge, an inoperable bascule bridge, through November.
Locals say as soon as Mario got into the Rover two other vehicles followed him around the town before the driver drove the car into the water near Bascule Bridge.
The bascule bridge - which would open out to allow boats and yachts through - would run from Anchor Way in Penarth through to the sports village site in Ferry Road and also allow the completion of the Bay cycle ring.
John Ringling Boulevard crossed the bay on a causeway to Bird Key, then continued over a bascule bridge to St.
This is the passage from Collingwood Dock into Stanley Dock now occupied by the bascule bridge.