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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: card - a trading card with a picture of a baseball player and information about his playing recordbaseball card - a trading card with a picture of a baseball player and information about his playing record
trading card - a card with a picture on it; collected and traded by children
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LOS ANGELES -- What could be better than becoming a millionaire after finding seven vintage baseball cards while cleaning out your late great-grandfather's house?
When I was 11, my friend Dickie and I would race our bikes on Sunday to the flea market outside the local mall to buy baseball cards.
An appellate court in Arizona has reversed a trial court's decision and ruled that an insured could proceed with his lawsuit against his insurer for bad faith stemming from, among other things, his claim for stolen baseball cards.
Now, your Field Correspondent, like all males of his age, collected baseball cards as a child.
All of the baseball cards on display are from the Jefferson R.
Black Jack gum did not introduce the baseball card in 1870 (43), and, in fact, the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards contains no nineteenth-century references to Black Jack gum.
Mint Condition: How Baseball Cards Became an American Obsession
Baseball cards have been around for almost as long as the game itself.
Baseball cards" - Click on a player image and get ther stats, much as a baseball card appears.
Back in my youth, I figured out a way to gain an edge over my friends when "flipping" baseball cards.
An immigrant boy living in an orphanage and working for a printing company steals a box of baseball cards the Marinoli treasure.
just released a new line of baseball cards called Topps 3-D [three-dimensional] Live.