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 (bä′zəl) also Basle (bäl)
A city of northern Switzerland on the Rhine River bordering on France and Germany. It has been an important intellectual center since the 15th century.


(Placename) a variant spelling of Basle


(ˈbɑ zəl)

also Basle

1. a city in NW Switzerland, on the Rhine River. 192,800.
2. a canton in N Switzerland, divided into two independent areas.
French, Bâle.
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Noun1.Basel - a city in northwestern SwitzerlandBasel - a city in northwestern Switzerland  
Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland - a landlocked federal republic in central Europe


[ˈbɑːzəl] NBasilea f
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The chairman said, 'The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision which revised the standards governing the capital adequacy of internationally active banks known as Basel III will put the Third World's entire banking system under a tight jacket and virtually leading to a collapse of the system.
Banking analytics specialist iCreate Software has announced the readiness of a pre-built Basel solution, called Biz$core DRisk that caters to Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) reporting requirements under the Basel guidelines to help reduce complexity and non-compliance risk for banks.
More than 60,000 art dealers and collectors, museum directors and curators, media representatives and art enthusiasts from around the world will descend on Basel's Messe from 14 to 17 June for the 43rd edition of Art Basel.
Although Basel III implementation is not due to be completed until 2019, the move to adopt the new rules is already under way even as the full impact of the measures on the banking industry and corporations remains unclear.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced on Wednesday that will operate a twice daily service to the airline's third Swiss destination Euro-Airport, which serves Basel and Mulhouse.
However, he admitted that the new Basel guidelines will require a lot of funds and the IMF is likely to ensure that those additional capital requirements should be addressed in case capital is needed.
Summary: The Kuwaiti firm of PwC ld a Risk Talk session 'From Basel II to Basel III' for senior management professionals .
Dubai: aThe Al Basel Group has acquired Al Shabak Contracting to broaden its business interests, which span car rentals, real estate and consultancy services in the UAE.
In the dog days of August, the House Committee on Financial Services tentatively announced hearings regarding the long-delayed implementation of the New Basel Capital Accord or Basel II.
Basel II is important to any business whose profitability is linked to cost of funds provided by banks.
IN AUGUST 1867, AN AGITATED museumgoer in Basel climbed onto a chair to have a closer look at a painting.
These current standards are based upon the 1988 Basel Capital Accord, also known as Basel I.