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A large extinct whale of the genus Basilosaurus of the Eocene Epoch, having a long thin body and vestigial hind limbs.

[New Latin Basilosaurus, genus name : Greek basileus, king + Greek sauros, lizard (from its former classification as a reptilian).]
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And the centerpiece, two massive 20 meter skeletons of the wadi's showpiece, the extinct whale Basilosaurus isis, complete with hind limbs missing from modern whales, the hind limbs that highlight its pivotal place in whale evolution.
It also features a "unique collection" of fossils, including the largest intact Basilosaurus isis whale fossil, according to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Seven years later, Gingerich found hundreds of partial skeletons including a complete hind limb belonging to Basilosaurus isis, an ancient whale that inhabited Egypt five or ten million years after Pakicetus.
The bones belonged to a ancient species of whale known as Basilosaurus isis, a 16-meter-long giant with a thin body, a small "pinhead" and flipper-like forelimbs.