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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to the bone in the base of the cranium, frequently forming a part of the occipital in the adult, but usually distinct in the young.
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Although the fusion between basioccipital and basisphenoid is almost complete, the suture can still be observed.
A hacksaw was used to cut through the basioccipital and parasphenoid bones, stopping at the capsular otic bulla, the chamber containing the semicircular canals and otoliths.
A CT scan was arranged, with a view to excision, and it demonstrated a large, deep facial mass centered on the pterygopalatine fissure, with erosion of the basisphenoid and basioccipital bone.
Three age classes were assigned on the basis of ventral braincase suture closures between the basioccipital and basisphenoid, and between the basisphenoid and presphenoid (Figure 2).
QC3, quantification code 3, identified to family: basi-branchial, basioccipital, basipterygium, ceratohyal, coracoid, ethmoid, ectopterygoid, epihyal, exoccipital, frontal, hyomandibular, interhyal, interopercular, lacrimal, lower hypohyal, opercular, opisthotic, otolith, palatine, prefrontal,' preopercular, prootic, pterotic, supracleithrum, scapula, supraoccipital, sphenotic, symplectic, urohyal, upper hypohyal.
In the first age group (I), the basioccipital and the sphenoid bones are completely separated and a wide portion of cartilage is present between them.
The junction between the basioccipital and basisphenoid is unfused in our young female; selected cranial measurements, compared with those of two females from Matagalpa, are: greatest length of skull, 56.
Included are most of the dorsal elements, the lateral elements excluding the zygomatic processes, the occiput, and the caudal half of the basioccipital (Figs.