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n.1.(Anat.) The basal joint of the legs of Crustacea.
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ogunnus species: longitudinal rows of spines on the frontal side of the basipodite of antenna 2 (Figure 2B), rows of spines on maxillulary palp (Figure 2C), projection on the intercoxal sclerite of leg 4 (Figure 2D), seminal receptacle with lateral amis broad and slightly curved backwards (Figure 2E) and furca naked on the inner margin (Figure 2F).
Podites are here given numbers from 1 (the most distal) to 6, which correspond to the scientific terms of dactylopodite, propodite, carpopodite, meropodite, ischiopodite, and basipodite, respectively.
Both species present a knob at the proximal inner corner of basipodite II, but the shape of the second segment of exopodite is different, without inner margin concavity present in this new species (see figures in Kiefer, 1936).