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[French, from Italian bassorilievo : basso, low (from Medieval Latin bassus) + rilievo, relief (from rilevare, to raise, from Latin relevāre; see relieve).]


(ˌbɑːrɪˈliːf; ˌbæs-; ˈbɑːrɪˌliːf; ˈbæs-) or


(Art Terms) sculpture in low relief, in which the forms project slightly from the background but no part is completely detached from it. Also called (Italian): basso rilievo
[C17: from French, from Italian basso rilievo low relief; see base2, relief]


(ˌbɑ rɪˈlif, ˌbæs-; ˈbɑ rɪˌlif, ˈbæs-)

relief sculpture in which the figures project slightly from the background. Also called low relief.
[1660–70; < French, on the model of Italian basso rilievo. See base2, relief2]


[ˈbæsrɪˌliːf] Nbajorrelieve m


(= technique of sculpture) → bas-relief m
(= sculpture) → bas-relief m
modif [design] → en bas-relief


nBasrelief nt
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An eight-inch square basrelief that some believe was stolen from Persepolis was seized Friday from an art dealer in Manhattan and will be returned to Iran if it is indeed established that it is stolen property.
The recital hall houses a pipe organ that was installed in 1894, and a replica of the basrelief found on the Parthenon on the east wall behind the organ.
Freud n'accepte pas l'illusion avec laquelle Jensen voulait nous etonner: <<nous considerons combien doit etre invraisemblable l'existence reelle d'une personne qui reproduit fidelement dans son apparence ce basrelief antique>>.
They began their artistic life as small basrelief sculptures (fig.
Responsible for the frieze on the Mechanical and Civil Engineering Building at the University of Birmingham and for basrelief public house signs such as that of the Bear in Sparkhill, he is best-known regionally for three works: the statue of Apollo outside Dudley Council House; the statue of a Mermaid in front of the Guild of Students at the University of Birmingham; and for the sculpture of Boulton, Watt and Murdoch in Broad Street, for which he was assisted by Raymond Forbes-King.
Diem makes the following comment on the basrelief in the British Museum in London, which depicts the Thracian deity Artemis Bendis--represented by the goddess Artemis-receiving the victor with a torch: "At the goddess's side there are two bearded athletes, dressed in tunics, one of them handing over a torch.
The Madara National Historical & Archaeological Reserve is open throughout the year and includes a basrelief of a horseman carved on to a 100m cliff during the 8th century, a rock chapel and a fort on the top of a mountain (tel: 05313 55 487).
230) seems synonymous with earthly history scrolling rapidly to its conclusion at the Last Judgement--signified by the 'Dying Trumpeter' on the basrelief who suddenly gets to his feet.
Mount a stone basrelief, a copper sun god, or a wrought-iron gate or other piece of found art.
The threedigit number you'll find cast into the top or rear of stoves made from original castings gives the weight (and price) for the base-model stove; that is, without nickel plate, isinglass in the door, or really fancy basrelief in the castings.
But then, it took a long time to carve the wooden block into a basrelief with all the symbols perfectly formed.
It chronicles a tale that, like the battle scenes vividly depicted in basrelief on the walls of Angkor Wat, has taken on legendary proportions.