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n.1.See Bashaw.
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The four first were the more fortunate, who though they were detained some time by the Turkish bassa, were dismissed at the request of the emperor, who sent him a zebra, or wild ass, a creature of large size and admirable beauty.
During the investigation, the accused confessed to committing the crime along with two other persons now at large,'' Bassa said.
During the launch, reporters observed that the electricity project which is currently in some parts of Grand Gedeh, Nimba and Grand Bassa Counties is being hugely undertaken by foreigners, mainly Chinese and Indians.
Transporting the out-of-gauge loads to their final destination in Bassa required a large escort of local police and officials from the electricity company (ENEO) to ensure safety, in view of the exceptional size of the cargo.
We celebrate the freedom of the Bassa and Borras Counselors and the advisers Mundo, Romeva, Rull, and Turull - they have also been unfairly deprived of freedom, but they are not all of them," Natza Ferrer, a journalist, said during the Monday protest.
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Today, the river's flow is further interrupted by large hydroelectric dams: the Kariba on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, built by the British in the late 1950s, and Cahora Bassa in Central Mozambique, initiated a decade later by Portugal with an international consortium.
The Kariba dam is between Zambia and Zimbabwe, upstream from and similar to Cahora Bassa, generating electricity and providing some flood control.
of index case Nimba Small Ganta 900 July 16 Grand Kru Parluken 2,000 August 4 Grand Cape Mount Jenewonde 800 August 28 Grand Bassa John Logan Town 5,000 September 9 Bomi Dorley-La 301 September 16 Gbarpolu Geleyansiesu 800 September 27 Bong Bomota 397 October 12 Sinoe Government Camp 6,200 October 13 Grand Bassa Quewein 371 October 14 Rivercess Kayah 5,000 October 16 Bong Tayla-ta 500 October 24 Grand Cape Mount Waleaquah 700 November 20 Total no.
Bassa and all co-authors of this study with their success.
La littorina procedeva con la sua giusta velocita, non era certo un razzo, si fermava a ogni paesino, Pratofontana, Bagnolo, San Tomaso della Fossa, Pieverossa, Novellare, San Bernardino, in mezzo a ogni paesino vedevo scorrere dai finestrini la campagna della bassa, una zona chiamata bassa perche, giu dalle montagne e a cominciare da dove finiscono le colline, la pianura scende digradando lentamente ma inesorabilmente verso il fiume Po e verso Guastalla, paese che da proprio sul fiume, sino ad arrivare a pochi metri sopra il livello del mare, campagna della bassa apparentemente monotona, ma io sapevo trovarci sempre qualcosa di nuovo e degno di essere osservato.
Bassa told PNN that around 25 members of the Bedouin community became homeless after their barracks were demolished.