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(Placename) a city in Myanmar, on the Irrawaddy delta: a port on the Bassein River (the westernmost distributary of the Irrawaddy). Pop: 231 000 (2005 est)



a city in SW Burma, on the Irrawaddy River. 144,092.
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Tenders are invited for (Recall-Ii) Sr(P) To Restoration Of Bale Killa At Bassein Fort, Dist.
We are extremely proud to be sponsoring such an important event for the ski community while reducing the environmental impact and raising awareness about climate change," said Emma Bassein, Carbon Lighthouse's Director of Impact.
Production from ONGC's Mumbai High field, the nation's biggest oilfield, and Bassein oilfield was stopped immediately after the leak was detected and the pipeline shut down.
The platform rests on the sea-bed located in the Bassein Gas field approximately 80 km north-west of Mumbai.
This was soon followed by the South Bassein free gas field.
The place for the bench has been well-selected; a beautiful view, of the plain ground down the hill and the sea and the Bassein Creek beyond, can be had from this place.
In an analysis of pesticide use from 1993 to 2000, Lynn Epstein and Susan Bassein (University of California, Davis) concluded that there were no obvious trends in decreased use of most pesticides used to treat plant disease.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner and three colleagues were trying to travel to the western city of Bassein to meet party members for the fourth time in two months.
Relocation of business and industries meant crossing the Thane and Bassein creeks and moving on to the mainland, [Verma (1985)].
The BCP-B2 project is an offshore natural gas compression platform located in the Bassein Gas field with contract value of USD 283 million and an aggressive schedule of 26 months.