basset horn

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bas·set horn

A tenor clarinet, pitched in F, having a wider bell and greater range than a standard clarinet.

[Partial translation of German Bassetthorn : Bassett, type of low-pitched string instrument (ultimately from Italian basso, low; see basso) + Horn, horn (from the resemblance of early crescent-shaped models to hunting horns).]

basset horn

(Instruments) an obsolete woodwind instrument of the clarinet family
[C19: probably from German Bassetthorn, from Italian bassetto, diminutive of basso + horn]
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Noun1.basset horn - a tenor clarinetbasset horn - a tenor clarinet; pitched in the key of F below the B-flat clarinet
clarinet - a single-reed instrument with a straight tube
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1 & 2 for Clarinet, Basset-horn, and Piano Peter Schmidl, clarinet/Madoka Inui, piano/Teodora Miteva, cello/Pierre Pichler, basset-horn (Naxos 8.
And this was despite the fact that the right-hand joint of the basset-horn did not belong to it.
Despite feeling the frequent holes in the texture left by the missing vocal parts, there were so many good things here that the whole bizarre exercise proved decidedly worthwhile: the choice of gut strings imparting an almost basset-horn pastel quality to the sound, the use of authentic "classical" bows permitting a directness of contact which brought an almost operatic intensity to articulation (the "Dies Irae" sounded like a storm from Idomeneo, and the passage where Mozart laid down his pen for the last time was given an extra passion).