Bastille Day

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Bas·tille Day

July 14, observed in France in commemoration of the storming of the Paris Bastille by the citizens of Paris at the outset of the French Revolution (1789).

Bastille Day

(in France) an annual holiday on July 14, commemorating the fall of the Bastille

Bastille′ Day`

July 14, a French national holiday commemorating the fall of the Bastille in 1789.
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Noun1.Bastille Day - a legal holiday in France celebrating the storming of the Paris bastille in 1789Bastille Day - a legal holiday in France celebrating the storming of the Paris bastille in 1789
legal holiday, national holiday, public holiday - authorized by law and limiting work or official business
July - the month following June and preceding August
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US President Donald Trumphas ordered Pentagon and White House officials to begin planning a military parade in Washington similar to the Bastille Day parade he witnessed in Paris in July, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.
United States President Donald Trump's two-day trip to Paris to meet with newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron culminated Friday with a Bastille Day parade attended by both world leaders and their wives.
Download Aoun congratulates Macron on Bastille Day NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Friday sent a letter to French President, Emmanuel Macron, congratulating him on France's National Day.
Trump, who is on a two-day visit to France, will serve as guest of honour at France's Bastille Day national military parade on the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World War I.
Today is Bastille Day, France's Fourth of July (though there, it's called le 14 juillet).
Trump is in France to take part in Bastille Day celebrations and commemorations of the 100 years of U.
The venue was known on the city's restaurant scene for its themed events such as Moulin Rouge and for Bastille Day this Friday.
5 on TripAdvisor and was known for its special themed events such as Moulin Rouge and for Bastille Day.
VILLAGERS celebrated Bastille Day in typically French fashion with Gallic cuisine and games of petanque.
BASTILLE Day terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was in league with at least five accomplices for the massacre in Nice that claimed 84 lives, it has emerged.
INVESTIGATORS believe Bastille Day killer Mohamed Bouhlel may have planned to attack thousands of football fans during Euro 2016.
PARIS, Shawwal 14, 1437, July 19, 2016, SPA -- Some 38 of the 84 people killed on the sea front in Nice by a truck-driving man as they celebrated Bastille Day on July 14 were foreigners, the French foreign ministry said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.