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 (bă-stōn′, bă-stôn′yə)
A town of southeast Belgium near the Luxembourg border. It was a crucial point in the US defensive line during the World War II Battle of the Bulge (December 1944-January 1945).


(bæˈstəʊn; French bastɔɲ)
(Placename) a town in SE Belgium: of strategic importance to Allied defences during the Battle of the Bulge; besieged by the Germans during the winter of 1944–45. Pop: 14 070 (2004 est)


(bæˈstoʊn; Fr. baˈstɔn yə)

a town in SE Belgium: U.S. forces besieged here during German counteroffensive in 1944. 6816.
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Contract notice: supply and installation of a mammography for the needs of the radiology department of ifac bastogne site.
In Bastogne, Belgium, numbed by cold, snow and death, Malarkey was standing around a campfire when he realized he could squeeze the trigger on the pistol in his pocket and put a bullet in his foot; the "accident" would be a ticket back to England.
Hitler's plan was for Hosingen to be captured on day one so they could capture Bastogne by the end of day two on their way to the port of Antwerp.
It started in Liege and headed south to Bastogne, before making a wide loop back to the finish in the town of Ans in the Liege suburbs.
Yn cwblhau arlwy Seiclo ym mis Ebrill, bydd y ras Liege i Bastogne i Liege, sy'n cael ei darlledu'n fyw ar ddydd Sul, Ebrill 24, am 2.
The Ardennes Offensive did not end with the relief of Bastogne, nor was Patton's much vaunted dash to save Bastogne a dash or without its mistakes.
He survived Bastogne, but was wounded in combat somewhere in Holland, in early 1945.
Patton at the Battle of the Bulge: How the General's Tanks Turned the Tide at Bastogne
Lamar Souter and his medical team's glider was towed into Bastogne under German artillery fire.
No Victory in Valhalla: The Untold Story of Third Battalion 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment from Bastogne to Berchtesgaden provides military readers with an in-depth survey of events that took place in 1944, where already-weary paratroopers faced a huge German offensive at the Battle of the Bulge.
BASTOGNE, Belgium, Safar 21, 1436, Dec 13, 2014, SPA -- Braving snowy weather, Americans and Belgians gathered in the Ardennes region of Belgium on Saturday to mark the 70 anniversary of one of the biggest and bloodiest U.
Beyond Brussels some 100 miles away lay my ultimate destination: Bastogne, renowned "Battle of the Bulge" Battleground and still "the most American-friendly place on the planet" beyond our borders.