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(Placename) the former name (until 1966) of Lesotho


(ləˈsu tu, -ˈsoʊ toʊ)

a monarchy in S Africa: formerly a British protectorate; gained independence 1966; member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 2,128,950; 11,716 sq. mi. (30,344 sq. km). Cap.: Maseru.Formerly, Basutoland.
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Noun1.Basutoland - a landlocked constitutional monarchy in southern AfricaBasutoland - a landlocked constitutional monarchy in southern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966
capital of Lesotho, Maseru - the capital of Lesotho; located in northwestern Lesotho
Africa - the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean
Basotho - a member of a subgroup of people who inhabit Lesotho
Sotho - a member of the Bantu people who inhabit Botswana, Lesotho, and northern South Africa and who speak the Sotho languages


[bəˈsuːtəʊlænd] N (formerly) → Basutolandia f
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What was de jure illegal may have been socially licensed (take, for instance, Hobsbawm's (2000 [1969]) 'social bandits'), and what was legal may have been illicit in some contexts: for example, the tensions between colonial law and chiefly institutions in nineteenth-century Basutoland (Burman 1981: 37).
46) And in May 1962, according to another Komsomol report, "hooligans beat two Basutoland students, an event that provoked the sharp deterioration of relations between foreign and our students.
In 1903, the Basutoland (169) National Council convened to "compile the Basotho traditional laws and reconcile them with the 'laws of Moshoeshoe.
On se questionnera un peu sur les <<lumieres de la civilisation >> vehiculees aupres des eleves du Basutoland (Lesotho), mais on termine en se disant que ce <<milieu qui differe>> meriterait une attention distincte et surtout, un rapport direct plus concret en provenance des soeurs actives aupres des Basuthos (39).
In Africa, the former British colony of Basutoland is now known as what?
Mangoaela (in Basutoland Witness 26-7) has written:
Charles Noble Arden-Clarke, who had been the Resident Commissioner in Basutoland from 1942, was Governor of Sarawak from 29 October 1946 to 26 July 1949.
Some aspects of circumcision in Basutoland African Studies 24: 2-4.
Smith observed, "A very large part of [the] fertile area of Basutoland (Lesotho) as recognised by Sir George Napier in the [British] treaty of 1843 was now in the hands of white settlers [in the Orange Free State, parts of Eastern Cape and Gauteng].
Among the works from the gallery's collection is the painting of flooding in Nuneaton by John Woodward Lines, and Richard Henry Smith's 1931 watercolour of Basutoland in South Africa, poignantly painted and sent back to Nuneaton to show his family where he had emigrated to.
The LCD had similarly been formed in June 1997 to the chagrin of the opposition by the late Ntsu Mokhehle, then prime minister and leader of the then ruling Basutoland Congress Party (BCP), who continued to rule until 1998 under the banner of his newly formed LCD.
Dr R A ('Pom') Moore-Dyke, the anaesthetist in 'Surgery', was born in Morija, Basutoland, in 1901, of missionary stock.