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(Placename) a port in the Philippines, in SW Luzon. Pop: 293 000 (2005 est)


(bɑˈtɑŋ gɑs)

a seaport on SW Luzon, in the N central Philippines. 143,570.
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A village chief in Padre Garcia town, Batangas province, was wounded after motorcycle-riding gunmen shot his vehicle on Tuesday.
The governor was quoted as saying that "ang dahilan ng pagpapaganda at pagsasaayos ng buong lalawigan ay para sa mga ipinagmamalaking mamamayan nito, ang mga Batangueno, na siyang pangunahing likas yaman ng Batangas at may malaking potensiyal na maging mga susunod na mamumuno sa mga darating na henerasyon, taglay ang dignidad at integridad (The reason Batangas province has embarked on sprucing up the province and to make it attractive is for its foremost human resources, the Batangueno constituents, who have great potentials as the next leaders in the coming generation, imbued with dignity and integrity.
The tremor's epicentre was located south-west of Nasugbu town in Batangas province, 65 kilometres south of Manila, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.
The validated data will be the basis for a consolidated rehabilitation plan for the affected communities in Batangas Province.
The First Philippine Industrial Park, in Santo Tomas, Tanauan City, Batangas Province, was founded in 1996 and is comprised of 349 hectares with factories and office buildings for 67 companies, including 37 Japanese firms.
The factory, Philippine Manufacturing Co of Murata Inc (PMM), a new subsidiary of Murata, is located in Tanauan City in Batangas Province, Philippines.
And 12-year-old girl and her 4-year-old brother were killed in Batangas Province.
Manila: A one-million-peso (Dh76,550) bounty has been offered for the arrest of a former vice-governor implicated in the June 1, 2006 bombing that nearly killed a provincial executive in Batangas province, south of Manila.
The company has started to look at financing proposals for a 300-km pipeline project that would connect the Batangas province south of Manila and the western Bataan province to the Malampaya natural gas field in Palawan province, southwest of Manila.
On Monday, a Cessna plane was forced to land in an airstrip in Tanauan in Batangas Province, south of Manila, due to engine trouble.
The boat was on its way to Batangas Province, south of Manila, from a nearby resort in Oriental Mindoro Province.
Two other Koreans were missing while 18 compatriots were rescued when their motorboat capsized on Saturday evening off Batangas province just south of Manila.