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A large mass of igneous rock that has melted and intruded surrounding strata at great depths.

bath′o·lith′ic adj.


(ˈbæθəlɪθ) or


(Geological Science) a very large irregular-shaped mass of igneous rock, esp granite, formed from an intrusion of magma at great depth, esp one exposed after erosion of less resistant overlying rocks
ˌbathoˈlithic, ˌbathoˈlitic adj


(ˈbæθ ə lɪθ)

a large body of intrusive igneous rock believed to have crystallized at a considerable depth below the earth's surface.
bath`o•lith′ic, adj.


An immense, dome-shaped, deep-seated mass of intrusive igneous rock.
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Noun1.batholith - large mass of intrusive igneous rock believed to have solidified deep within the earth
granite - plutonic igneous rock having visibly crystalline texture; generally composed of feldspar and mica and quartz
igneous rock - rock formed by the solidification of molten magma
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Two exceptionally large landslides in the Kohistan batholiths along Hunza River deserve special attention.
Metaluminous Siluro-Devonian bimodal batholiths similar to the Fogo Island Batholith occur between the Dog Bay and Red Indian lines (Mount Peyton, Loon Bay, Long Island), but northwest of the Red Indian Line only sparse Siluro-Devonian salic dykes occur (Elliot et al.
Geologically the study area is located at the northern margin of Kohistan island arc adjacent to the Shyok Suture Zone / Main Karakorum thrust and is mainly composed of the rocks of Shamran / Teru volcanics, Chalt volcanic group and meta-sediments intruded by Kohistan batholiths.
Abundant intrusions of Early Eocene age of sills of dioritic and granodioritic composition are present in the Gawuch Formation belonging to Lowari pluton of Kohistan batholiths.
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This basement is covered and intruded by Jurassic volcano-sedimentary and plutonic rocks of the Saldana Formation and the Mocoa batholiths.
The Linglong biotite adamellite occurs as batholiths or stocks, with SHRIMP zircon U-Pb age of 160.
1999): Mafic precursors, peraluminous granitoids, and late lamprophyres in the Avila batholith; a model for the generation of Variscan batholiths in Iberia.
The Karakoram Batholith belongs, with the Ladakh- and Kohistan Batholiths and the Gandese magmatic belt, to the Trans-Himalayan plutons and gives evidence to the Late Mesozoic subduction of the Indian Plate (Coward et al.