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(Placename) a district in London, in Wandsworth: noted for its dogs' home, power station (now a leisure centre), and park


(ˈbæt ər si)

a former borough of London, England, now part of Wandsworth, on the Thames.
References in classic literature ?
It lay very high upon a turfy down, and looking north-eastward before I entered it, I was surprised to see a large estuary, or even creek, where I judged Wandsworth and Battersea must once have been.
stated that his decision, arrived at after a close and careful study of the work of both teams, was that Houndsditch Wednesday had rather less chance in the forthcoming tourney than a stuffed rat in the Battersea Dogs' Home.
28, but these worthies left it at Clapham Junction, and changed cabs more than once between Battersea and Piccadilly, and a few of their garments in each four-wheeler.
He goes to the central window, through which, with his back to the company, he contemplates the river and the flowers in Battersea Park on the opposite bank as if they were a frozen dessert.
He surprised the people at the Dogs' Home in Battersea by demanding a deaf retriever, and rejecting every candidate that pricked up its ears.
Long before midday they slackened speed, after crossing Battersea Bridge, and the two cars drew alongside.
They passed from Battersea northwards into Piccadilly, and down into the Park.
Helen and Margaret walked the earnest girl as far as Battersea Bridge Station, arguing copiously all the way.
Then they had a conversation befitting the day and their time of life: about the next pigeon-match at Battersea, with relative bets upon Ross and Osbaldiston; about Mademoiselle Ariane of the French Opera, and who had left her, and how she was consoled by Panther Carr; and about the fight between the Butcher and the Pet, and the probabilities that it was a cross.
THERE has been a drop in the number of cats being rehomed from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home this year, leaving facilities almost full.
The star was pictured with her new rescue pooch after being given the thumbs up to adopt it from Battersea Dogs Home.
AN Irish company has purchased London's Battersea Power Station and surrounding lands for pounds 400 million (595 million euro).